Mayur Dusane

Cybersecurity Analyst, Auditor and Engineer

Mayur Dusane

Cybersecurity Analyst, Auditor and Engineer

About Me

Hello! I’m Mayur Dusane.
I am a dedicated professional with a background in web application development and a recent focus on cyber security. My primary goal is to help clients secure their online presence and protect their digital assets. Hailing from India, I bring a diverse perspective and a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape.

  • Residence Maharashtra, India
  • Preferences Contract/Remote
My Services
Infrastructure Audit

In today's interconnected digital landscape, ensuring the security of your organization's infrastructure is paramount. An infrastructure audit is a comprehensive assessment of your IT systems, networks, and hardware to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen your cybersecurity defenses. By conducting regular infrastructure audits, you can proactively address potential risks, protect sensitive data, and safeguard your business from cyber threats.

Penetration Testing

In an increasingly connected world, where cyber threats are constantly evolving, it is crucial for businesses to assess their vulnerabilities and proactively protect their digital assets. Penetration testing, also known as ethical hacking, is a proactive cybersecurity approach that simulates real-world attacks to identify weaknesses in your systems and applications. By conducting penetration tests, you can uncover potential security flaws and address them before malicious actors exploit them.

Source-code Reviews

Source code is the foundation of software applications, and ensuring its security and quality is vital for any organization. Source code reviews, also known as code audits or code inspections, involve a thorough examination of the programming instructions that make up an application. This process aims to identify vulnerabilities, security weaknesses, and potential coding errors. By conducting source code reviews, businesses can enhance the security, reliability, and maintainability of their software.

Compliance Review

In today's digital landscape, protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations are critical for businesses. A compliance review is a comprehensive assessment that evaluates an organization's adherence to relevant cybersecurity standards, regulations, and best practices. By conducting regular compliance reviews, businesses can identify gaps, address vulnerabilities, and strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.

Fun Facts
200+ Bugs Discovered
21 Companies Secured
8+ Source Code Reviews
17+ Pentests Conducted
Test Engineer III
Test Engineer III
Applause Inc.

As a Test Engineer III, I have excelled in various key responsibilities, demonstrating expertise in client interactions, project planning, automation, and cybersecurity defense. I take charge of client meetings, effectively breaking down project scopes into detailed requirements while efficiently allocating resources. My role within the planning team allows me to contribute significantly to automation planning, ensuring efficient and effective test processes.


In addition, I oversee task assignments, monitor progress, and conduct thorough reviews, ensuring high-quality deliverables within specified timelines. I play a vital role in fortifying infrastructure against cyber-attacks. By leading efforts in cybersecurity defense, I actively contribute to safeguarding critical systems and data from potential threats. This responsibility underscores my commitment to maintaining a secure and resilient technological environment.

Test Engineer I && II
MAR 2021 - JAN 2022
Test Engineer I && II
Applause Inc.

As a Test Engineer, my experience revolves around analyzing incoming testing or activity requests and effectively managing the test cycle within the platform. I possess a strong ability to build well-structured test schedules that align with project requirements and timelines. By creating clear and user-friendly instructions, I ensure that test objectives are easily understood by the team members.


In my role, I excel at assembling the appropriate test team by considering the unique skill sets and expertise required for each project. By leveraging my knowledge of team dynamics and individual strengths, I ensure that the test team is well-equipped to execute the test cycle successfully. Throughout the process, I maintain a keen focus on accurate documentation, ensuring that all test cases, procedures, and builds are meticulously recorded and provided to stakeholders.

Test Team Lead
MAR 2019 - MAR 2021
Test Team Lead
Applause Inc.

As a Test Team Lead, I have successfully taken on a range of responsibilities, serving as a crucial communication link between testers and the broader testing process. My primary focus lies in effectively coordinating with testers during test cycles, triaging issue reports and test cases submitted by the team, and providing support to fellow test engineers as needed.


By actively engaging with testers, I ensure smooth communication channels throughout the testing process. I strive to foster a collaborative and productive environment, where testers feel empowered to provide valuable insights and contribute to the overall success of the project. Through clear and concise communication, I facilitate effective collaboration and ensure that all team members are aligned with project objectives.


As a Test Team Lead, I excel in triaging issue reports and test cases. With a keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of both the Applause and Customer processes, I efficiently analyze and prioritize issues, ensuring that they are appropriately addressed and resolved. By providing timely feedback and guidance to testers, I enhance the overall quality and effectiveness of the testing efforts.

  • Coding & Programming: Vuejs, Flask, MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS, SQL, Javascript, PHP
  • Security: Network Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Threat Modeling, Penetration Testing, Network Traffic Analysis, IPS, IDS, Snort, Splunk, SIEM, NIST, MITRE, IAM, Risk Assessment, Incident Response
  • Cloud Tech: Kubernetes, AWS Cloud, Docker, Git, Terraform, Microsoft Azure
SEP 2023 - DEC 2024
Master of Science in Cybersecurity
Katz School of Science & Health, NewYork, USA
With the Katz School’s master’s in cybersecurity, I developed the technological and managerial expertise to plan, implement, upgrade, monitor, and audit cybersecurity protocols and procedures. I mastered state-of-the-art technologies and practices and got hands-on experience with threat mitigation, detection, and defense in the heart of New York City—a global hub for cybersecurity.
AUG 2022 - APR 2023
Advanced Certification in Cyber Security
International Institute of Information Technology​, Banglore, India

The institute has been ranked 81st in the Engineering category in the country in National Institutional Ranking Framework 2022 by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.

MAY 2021 - NOV 2021
Certified Ethical Hacker

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) provides an in-depth understanding of ethical hacking phases, various attack vectors, and preventative countermeasures. It will teach you how hackers think and act so you will be better positioned to set up your security infrastructure and defend against attacks. By providing an understanding of system weaknesses and vulnerabilities, the CEH course helps students learn to protect their organizations and strengthen their security controls in order to minimize the risk of a malicious attack.

JUN 2013 - MAY 2017
Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
Savitribai Phule Pune University

Savitribai Phule Pune University, one of the premier universities in India, is positioned in the North-western part of Pune city. It is popularly known as the 'Oxford of the East'. It has about 307 recognized research institutes and 612 affiliated colleges offering graduate and under-graduate courses.


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